7:30 – 7:45am

After scholars arrive by car or school bus, they start their day with a healthy, balanced breakfast surrounded by friends from their homeroom. During this time, all staff are available and say good morning to students, greet families, and prepare for a day of learning.



Morning Motivation
7:45 – 8:00am

Each day begins with joy! Scholars wake their brains up with rhetoric (spoken-word) exercises. During this time, students review the previous day’s literacy skills and strengthen social skills through community building activities.



Read Aloud and Shared Reading
8:00 – 8:30am

Literacy means everything to our scholars! Teachers use a variety of texts to model key skills, incorporate purposeful vocabulary, and emphasize values and traits important to the school community. Starting in kindergarten, you might hear a student say “The Tortoise showed resilience because…”



Literacy Centers and Great Books Conversations  
8:30 – 10:45am

Scholars participate in great books conversations using books on their instructional level, every day. Teachers use data from the nationally recognized STEP assessment to create individualized lesson plans and take detailed running records of scholar comprehension. Comprehension is the root of discussion and even kindergartners learn to cite evidence, annotate text, and disagree respectfully. At the same time, a second teacher works with small groups on letters, sounds, and Greek and Latin word parts. When not working with a teacher, scholars rotate through creative and computer-based centers.



Break and Snack
10:45 – 11:00am

Scholars eat a healthy snack and play structured indoor games with friends including blocks, legos, and puppets.



Math – Problem Solving and Procedures

A typical math lesson begins with an energetic, motivating warm-up word problem, which students solve using hand motions, manipulative materials, and drawings. From there, to practice new skills and reinforce others, students participate in math centers or guided math groups, led by a second classroom teacher each day. Groups are individualized and tailored to scholars’ growing knowledge so one small group might be focused on counting by 5s while another practices addition using 2-digit numbers.



Lunch and Recess

Lunch is provided by an outside catering agency. All lunches are prepared fresh and every scholar eats a well-balanced, nutritional meal. During recess, scholars might play outdoor games like four square or Red Rover with their friends.  




Scholars learn to write through a workshop model. Each lesson begins with a teacher think aloud and sample response. Afterwards, students have lots of time for independent writing, and teachers conference with scholars and conduct small group instruction. All scholars have ample opportunities to shine and share their writing with classmates at the end of the period. You might mistake the classroom for a poetry reading when students snap for each other!




All scholars have a lesson in fine arts and expressive arts, studying yoga, dance, music, drawing and foreign language.  music, physical education, or foreign language. These lessons follow a similar format to academic lessons and are built around a central objective, begin with a teacher modeling new skills, and include ample opportunities for scholars to practice and share what they have learned. Scholars cycle through all enrichment subjects weekly.




During explorations, scholars learn science and social studies. Building new content and mastering concepts that reinforce skills taught in other curricular areas, instruction is hands-on and includes literature, videos, and music.



Tutoring and Closing Circle
3:15 – 4:00pm

At the end of each day, scholars have the opportunity to complete activities that reinforce key points and, based on regularly updated data, remediate any gaps through small group tutoring. The day ends with a closing circle where students reflect on what they have learned, review homework assignments, prepare for the next day, and strengthen social skills through community building games, stories, and chants. The day might end when a student praises her friend for showing “Teamwork” in kickball and the entire class cheering for their classmate’s sportsmanship.




At 4:00pm, scholars head home for the evening with their homework. Following dismissal, teachers participate in common planning time, grade level meetings, and professional development until 5:00pm.