Director of Curriculum (2017–2018)

The Position:

The Director of Curriculum sets the rigor bar for the entire organization. He/she is responsible for aligning Nashville Classical’s academic program across and within grades. Under the supervision of Nashville Classical’s Principal and in collaboration with a leadership team, the Director of Curriculum will be responsible for vetting external curriculum and building the capacity required to create a bank of course assessments, interims, annual calendars, unit plans, and lesson plans. Finally, while the Director of Curriculum will not directly manage any teachers, he or she will lead professional development, facilitate teacher collaboration, and engage in a constant of evaluation Nashville Classical’s academic program—from plan to execution.

Fundamental: Belief in our scholars and our school model
Without this, nothing matters. Fundamentally, in their core, leaders must believe in our families’ right to choice, in our scholars’ ability to grow and achieve, and in our school’s commitment to offering a world-class, public education.
Trait 1:
Pursues excellence
Trait 2:
Growth mindset
Trait 3:
Powered by joy
The DC needs to believe they can cause dramatic improvement in the lives of our scholars and our community through our school’s rigorous academic program. The DC is responsible for setting course vision, identifying gaps in curriculum, and leading a school-wide pursuit of rigorous academics. We believe our school’s pursuit of excellence is key to what makes us special.The API needs to believe they can cause dramatic improvement in the lives of our scholars and our community through our school’s rigorous academic program. The API is responsible for setting the highest bar for classroom performance and scholar outputs. We believe our school’s pursuit of excellence is key to what makes us special. The DC is a key educator in the building. They are in the building to teach adults to write plans that lead to scholar achievement. They believe that effective learning leads adults to improve and the DC knows they are responsible for the growth of adults, as individuals, and the culture of the collective staff. We believe that our emphasis on adult learning is a crucial part of what makes our school different. Schools thrive on cultures of joy. The DC helps to set the tone by showing genuine love of our, content, our community, and our school on a daily basis. The DC exhibits a high level of energy about curriculum that is contagious and inspiring to the entire school community. Joy is a central, core element of our school and our constant pursuit of it depends on our leadership.
Measured By:
Outcomes achieved on school assessments including NWEA/MAP, STEP, and State Assessments.
Measured By:
Outcomes achieved on TNTP Insight Survey scores, rubric to rate delivery of PD sessions, and rubrics to evaluate academic content.
Measured By:
Outcomes related to student attrition and enrollment, staff EOY attrition and enrollment, family surveys, and the TNTP Insight Survey.


Our team is hardworking, humble, and smart. We come from diverse backgrounds and bring different skills, but all of us believe a child’s destiny cannot be decided by wealth, race, or background. 

At Nashville Classical, we expect every adult to:

  • Focus on scholars – our job is to improve minds and change lives
  • Operate with Integrity - always do the right thing; try to do things right
  • Be Resilient - grit, optimism and effort are adversity’s worst enemies
  • Treat your position as Scholarship – seek to improve constantly
  • Join the Team - Collaborate, communicate, and celebrate 

In addition, the Director of Curriculum should have experience or skills in the following areas:

  • Achieved measurable results working with an urban population.
  • Multiple years of rigorous, data-driven classroom instructional experience
  • Experience planning multiple subjects and facilitating content at different elementary grade levels. 
  • Impeccable written, speaking, and organizational skills and the ability to engage a broad range of stakeholder. 
  • Completely owning school-wide initiatives.
  • Multiple years of experience planning and delivering rigorous, data-driven classroom instruction


The Director’s duties include, but are not limited to the following:

Instructional model: 


  • For each component of the day, where it's applicable, build or review
    • Course vision
    • Annual Calendar
    • Interim Assessments 
    • Unit Plans
    • Key Points and Student Independent Practice

Assessments and assessment strategy

  • Lead or collaborate to lead the design or review of systems that facilitate
    • Scope and Sequence of assessment cycles
    • Shared rubrics/norming for writing rubrics
    • Shared data protocols across schools
    • Shared data analysis documents across schools

Professional Development

  • Lead or collaborate to lead staff professional development on topics including
    • Data Driven Instruction (weekly structures) and annual starting points.
    • Backwards planning from standards and assessments
    • Content-specific topics (e.g. R.A.D.S., R.A.C.E., Close Reading) 
    • Lesson internalization and plan to execution process
    • Grading expectations

Vertical Alignment

  • Lead or collaborate with principals to ensure
    • Curricular choices align across schools and campuses build logically upon each other.
    • Documents exist to show the progression of organizational systems and initiatives (e.g. Habits of Discussion, Guided Reading, Listening & Learning)

The Compensation

We offer a generous compensation package (including full benefits) and equip school staff with the tools needed to succeed, including a dedicated workspace, laptop computer, high-speed internet access, and pertinent office supplies. 

As an equal opportunity employer, we hire without consideration to race, religion, creed, color, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status or disability.

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