Director of Operations (2018–2019)

The Position:

The Director of Operations blocks and tackles for Nashville Classical’s instructional team. They design, monitor, and reinforce systems that make Nashville Classical efficient, orderly, and user-friendly. Across every inch of the building and each second of the day, they ensure scholar success.


Key Skills and Competencies:

  • Pursues Excellence

    • Leadership – The Director of Operations is a self-starter. He or she identifies when a system needs to be created and is not afraid to do the “dirty work.” The Operations Director is as comfortable leading a whole-staff training as he or she is cleaning up after a sick Kindergarten scholar.

    • Detail Oriented – The Director of Operations notices when a poster is crooked by a quarter of an inch or a document’s font or format is inconsistent. They sweat the tiny details that demonstrate our organization’s commitment to excellence.

  • A Growth Mindset

    • Committed to Feedback – The Director of Operations reports to the Principal and actively seeks informal and formal feedback. At all times, the Director of Operations is ready to practice and improve.

    • Constant Gardening – The Director of Operations understands that a school’s operations require constant maintenance. Like a gardener, he or she monitors school operations daily and takes actions to fix and address gaps immediately.

  • Powered by Joy

    • Sparks Joy - The Director of Operations is visible to all staff and adults. As a result, he or she should be friendly and ready to bring joy and humor to the workplace by designing common spaces, spearheading initiatives, and creating memorable rituals.

    • Servant’s Heart – The Director of Operation’s number one job is to make the lives of teachers and scholars better. As a result, he or she needs to be comfortable doing every single task with diligence and an understand of its impact on others.



  • Experience in nonprofit management or for profit operations.
  • Experience in a school setting is preferred.
  • A Master’s Degree is preferred; a Bachelor’s degree and desire to make history is required.


GENERAL MANAGEMENT (20%, 2 hours per day)
General Description
General management refers to the school’s day-to-day operations at the school. This means that the Director of Operations monitors each and every non-classroom system: snack, lunch, copies, supplies, arrival, dismissal, testing, communications, robocalls, and more.
Primary Responsibilities
Manage two employees to achieve specific outcomes: Office Manager and Special Projects Coordinator Set, monitor, and reinforce a mission-aligned vision for the school environment: rubrics, common spaces, classroom spaces, cleanliness, organization, and bulletin boards.
Set and maintain vision for Front Desk systems: visitors, phone calls from families, visits from scholars, etc. Set vision for School Operations systems: maintain a dashboard with key information (supplies, maintenance, calendar) and share information with leaders and teachers.
Set vision and maintain Common spaces: bring core values to life, spark joy, and promote efficiency. Create protocols & manage emergency protocols.
Collaborate to achieve outcomes: Meet regularly with a school principal to identify and execute support for academic priorities. Report progress and articulate changes to key constituencies: fellow leaders, families, scholars, etc.
General Description
Accountability refers to compliance with all local, state, and federal requirements. It is critical that these reports are completed on time and accurately to ensure that we receive our funding dollars in full and on time. While EdTec, our Back Office Provider, completes many of these services, the Director of Operations is the primary contact point at the school to make sure a) reports are complete, b) reports are timely, and c) reports include all relevant stakeholders.
Primary Responsibilities
Process Financial Reports: Process invoices, Reconcile Credit Card Statements, Process and Track Reimbursements Process District Reports: Ad hoc reports on staffing, recess, physical education, testing, etc.
Assist with HR Reports: Benefits enrollment, TCRS (retirement) enrollment, fingerprinting and background checks, etc. Complete day-to-day financial tasks: Deposit checks, manage petty cash, etc.
Monitor financials: Review monthly budgets, approve supply requests, and create system for uniform sales.
BEHIND THE SCENES SUPPORT (20%, 2 hours per day)
General Description
Behind the scenes support refers to “Blocking and tackling” for the instructional team. These include taking leadership on planning PD days, culture building for staff, inclement weather, field trips, and other school-wide events. This should also include capacity-building projects to ensure that work does not need to be repeated each year. (For example, field trips are pre-planned and scheduled at the start of the year, including payment, transportation, notices, coverage, sign-up sheets, emails, etc.)
Primary Responsibilities
Sets a vision for student records: enrollment, attendance, transportation, rosters, & health Plans and manages all-staff events: space, food, materials, and cleanup.
Prepares materials for staff and scholars: bathroom passes, reset hooks, and lunch cards. Create and execute parent communication: social media, newsletters, and updates.
Manages non-classroom scholar spaces to reflect school values and incentives: bathroom, cafeteria, hallways, and stairway. Manages supplies: maximize efficiency and economy
FACILITY (20% of Day; As needed)
Monthly: Check major systems; Check-in with custodial and cafeteria Weekly: Building audit Daily: Facility sweep
General Description
Facility refers to Nashville Classicalism building and campus. From a big picture perspective, the beauty of our building starts with expectations from the Director of Operations. The Director of Operations is responsible for maintaining our facility, monitoring it, and reinforcing its proper use.
Primary Responsibilities
Reviews major systems monthly: Boiler, A/C, Food Service, Security/Fire Alarm Leads facility walkthroughs: creates rubrics and provides support to teachers and staff.
Creates and Manages systems: submission of Facility Maintenance Requests Communicates facility usage and expectations to staff: newsletters, surveys, and forms.
Manages common spaces: bulletin boards, and common areas Manages key regular vendors: Custodian and Maintenance company
Manages food services vendor: breakfast, lunch, snack distribution and supply Manages consumable supplies and distribution: orders, organizes and distributes
PLANNING (25%, 2.5 hours per day)
General Description
Write minute-by-minute plans for key procedures: arrival, dismissal, fire drills, bathrooms, and lunch. Frame and model procedures for staff and, as necessary, scholars. Debrief procedures and lead staff practice. Finally, the Operations Director should be prepared to publicly lead, visibly interacting with scholars and families in all common and public spaces (lunch, hallways, arrival, dismissal, community meeting) and modeling high expectations and excellence.

ther Responsibilities:

  • Manage an Ops Fellow and Office Manager

  • Co-manage Special Projects Coordinator

  • Attend all Leadership team (non-instructional) meetings and professional developments

  • Work a 12-month calendar with 1 week of summer vacation, fall break & spring break and winter break.

  • Model Professionalism in Dress, Communication and Style.

  • Create positive relationships with teachers and administrators that are aligned with Nashville Classical’s culture and staff values.

  • Report to Principal and Director of External Affairs



The Compensation

We offer a generous compensation package (including full benefits) and equip school staff with the tools needed to succeed, including a dedicated workspace, laptop computer, high-speed internet access, and pertinent office supplies. 

As an equal opportunity employer, we hire without consideration to race, religion, creed, color, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status or disability.


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