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What are we looking for?

We are undertaking a comprehensive, nationwide search for educators who believe hard work can make history, and know neither race, nor zip code, nor socioeconomic status ought to determine the destiny of a five year old.

If you share our belief and want to enter the “Make History” business, keep reading.



Nashville Classical believes our teachers have the chance to make history and we treat them like it. Our teachers are professionals, equipped with the time and tools necessary to do their job. Our teachers are game-changers, motivated by their own growth and student success. Finally, our teachers are founders, prepared to build a foundation and set an ambitious pace for the future.

Joining our team means access to a variety of benefits and opportunities including:

  • Higher Salary  Qualified applicants with at least two years of experience can earn up to 10% more than the pay scale at Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools.
  • Part of a Team — Every teacher co-teaches for part of the day alongside a 100% mission-aligned teammate and benefits from a teacher workroom outfitted with the supplies and technology necessary to accomplish their job.

  • Professional Development — Teachers participate in 2 hours of formal development each week, research trips to the country’s highest performing schools annually, and 25 separate days devoted to reflection, planning, and individualized development.

  • The Tools and Time Teachers Need — Every teacher is outfitted with the latest technology including a personal Macbook as well as a flip camera and LCD projector in each classroom. Classrooms are fully stocked with the instructional materials and office supplies, which are easily refilled and replaced using systematic communication. Each day, teachers have 90 minutes or more to prepare their lessons, set times to observe fellow teachers, scheduled periods to meet with parents, and 24 hour access to their classrooms.



Nashville Classical is a K-8 public charter school that opened with kindergarten in August 2013. Through a classical curriculum and within an achievement-oriented culture, we educate every student for academic success and personal excellence in high school, college and life. 
Located at 1310 Ordway Place, Nashville Classical is in the heart of East Nashville, home to some of the city’s most dynamic businesses, diverse neighborhoods, and high-need schools. Currently serving grades K-4, we enroll 375 scholars.  Over 60 percent of our families live below the poverty line and more than half come without basic literacy skills, including letter recognition, and the ability to write their own name. Nevertheless, we believe they will make history and be the state of Tennessee’s highest achieving children. Specifically, we think we can be the South’s first school to close the excellence gap by

  • Educating students in a racially, ethnically and economically diverse environment that still enrolls a plurality of the city’s most needy children.
  • Achieving advanced proficiency on state exams at rates only reached in the state’s wealthiest suburban schools.
  • Offering a robust specials program wherein all students study a fine art and achieve foreign language proficiency.
  • Leveraging technological solutions so that students spend more than 2 hours per day in small groups and study computer science by 8th grade.



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