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The School

Nashville Classical is a K-8 public charter school that opened with kindergarten in August 2013. Through a classical curriculum and within an achievement-oriented culture, we educate every student for academic success and personal excellence in high school, college and life.

Nashville Classical is in the heart of East Nashville, home to some of the city’s most dynamic businesses, diverse neighborhoods and high-need schools. By the 3rd grade, one in twenty children achieve advanced proficiency in reading. In nearby suburbs, one in three children achieve the same result.

Currently serving grades K-5, we enroll nearly 400 scholars. This school year we are thrilled to begin phase two of our school: Nashville Classical Middle School. Our middle school will serve 75 5th graders this year and grow to 8th grade by 2021. Over 80 percent of our families live below the poverty line and more than half come without basic literacy skills, including letter recognition and the ability to write their own name. Nevertheless, we believe they will make history and be the state of Tennessee’s highest achieving children.

Trained in the practices of the country’s most successful urban schools by nationally recognized non-profit Building Excellent Schools, our leadership has designed a free, public, college-prep school unlike any in Tennessee. Our classical scholars study timeless literature, solve complex problems, speak a foreign language, and develop enduring character as they build the foundation for success and excellence in high school, college, and life.

The Team

Our team is hardworking, humble, and smart. We come from diverse backgrounds and bring different skills, but all of us believe a child’s destiny cannot be decided by wealth, race, or background. 

At Nashville Classical, we expect every adult to:

  • Focus on scholars – our job is to improve minds and change lives
  • Operate with Integrity - always do the right thing; try to do things right
  • Be Resilient - grit, optimism and effort are adversity’s worst enemies
  • Treat your position as Scholarship – value professional development, welcome feedback, and seek to improve
  • Join the Team - Collaborate, communicate, and celebrate because we share responsibility for our entire school’s success


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